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Brand Identity, Marketing  | January 2021

Wyre Jewelry is a small jewelry business that I launched in June of 2020 over the pandemic. Our products consist of unique, versatile, and handcrafted jewelry pieces, many of which are made from wire.

As Wyre became more of an established small business with a growing customer base and diversified product offerings,

I decided to redesign the company's brand identity around half a year post-launch.


When redesigning the logo and packaging materials, I aimed for a clean and minimalist look. I used Minion since it was a serif typeface that captured the desired elegance I wanted to portray within the brand. I added a line segment that threads through the "e" to create the "l" in "jewelry." This element not only demonstrates the threading of wire, string, etc., however, it also speaks to our mission of versatility – that one thing can serve many purposes, just like our pieces do. 

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